Two Stars And A Wish! â­ï¸â­ï¸ðŸŒ 

Two stars:

Stars are things I’ve done well or enjoyed etc, and a wish is something I want to achieve by next week.

⭐️ 1. I’m still clean from self harm! Last night my family was arguing etc and I wanted to self harm but didn’t. 🙂

⭐️ 2. I’ve tried to start researching about my future – Continued to write my scripts. If anyone knows how to get into the industry I’d appreciate any tips! Everything is in London and you have to have an agent or manager and I have neither. :/

Last week’s wish was: “🌠To discuss plans for future with my sister (even if it’s later on in the week when she’s free), meanwhile start planning on my own!

Have I achieved this? Not quite. She hasn’t been free, so today I research briefly about my future, though I need to do more.

I guess my long term wish is still:🌠 To find a job.

This week’s wish is: “🌠To continue researching about my future, and try to be more positive, show gratitude, and be calmer.

What are your two stars and a wish? Let me know in the comments below!

– MW❤️

Mental Health Awareness

Just wanted to raise awareness for mental health;


Mentat health is invisible; you can’t just brush it aside and tell people to “get over it” or to stop “faking it”.

You wouldn’t say that to someone with cancer or a physical illness, would you?

Comment your thoughts and feelings below!

So, let’s fight our way through this misty fog… Until my next blog!

– M