Two Stars And A Wish! â­ď¸â­ď¸đŸŒ 

Two stars:

Stars are things I’ve done well or enjoyed etc, and a wish is something I want to achieve by next week.

⭐️ 1. I continued to work hard and finished the next episode of my scripts!This is great, but I need to keep up this hard work!!

⭐️ 2. I had many difficult moments, but DIDN’T SELF HARM! 😁

Last week’s wish was: “🌠To talk to my counsellor and find a way to send a script to the contact via email. (Doesn’t have to be this week necessarily.)

To try to keep calm and not pressure myself when feeling low. But keep positive!

To push myself to work hard (or harder!) on my scripts!

Have I achieved this? Partly. I didn’t talk to my counsellor about sending the script to the contact, but will try to find the courage to next time. I have tried to keep calm and not pressure myself when I’m feeling down. I’ve not been working as hard as I should have been on my scripts, but I’ve just finished the next episode, so I’ve got to keep up the hard work!

I guess my long term wish is still:🌠 To find a job.

This week’s wish is: “🌠To continue working hard on my scripts, and continue to keep calm when times get rough.”

What are your two stars and a wish? Let me know in the comments below!

– MW❤️