My first blog! ❤️

Justice, equality… and laughter.

It’s what I think matters most in life. I think the world needs more of these things.

I was inspired by Zoe Sugg. I read her book: “Girl Online” (check it out, its really good!) It made me really want to start a blog.

I was inspired by her; she used the blog for the one thing I’ve always wanted to do: Be myself.

I’m a teenager. We’re surrounded by technology and social media. But, even in day to day life we’re constantly in fear of being judged; both by people we respect and even call our “friends”, as well as by others we don’t associate ourselves with.

I’m not writing this blog to gain millions of followers. I’m doing this for ME. I want somewhere where I can be myself. So, if you want to know why I’m writing this blog? It’s because I want somewhere where I can be honest; somewhere where I can say how I really feel – without being judged.

Now, back to those three words.

Justice: Now, I sometimes think of this as people who have been nasty and done terrible things should be punished. But, if I thought the opposite, people who are generous and kind hearted people should also be granted with amazing opportunities!

Equality: People always go on about how footballers are paid too much, it’s so unfair etc. But, that’s in general; in the big world, or our country, at least. But, even in each of our daily lives; we’re constantly compared to others; or we compare OURSELVES to others! It’s a vicious circle of: Thinking we look okay, or are saying or doing the right thing – Then, we compare ourselves to someone who’s “better” – then we’re dragged down by the feeling of not being “good enough”. But, WE ARE ALL EQUAL! WE ALL DESERVE THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY AND LIVE OUR LIFE AS WE WANT TO!

No one is in charge of yourself, except YOU.

So, if you can take one thing away from my blog, it’s to BE YOURSELF! Come on here; join me! Let’s celebrate that we can be ourselves!

Goodbye! No, wait. Where’s the good in goodbye? Hmm.. I want an easy catchphrase to end with that people will remember…

So, let’s work our way through this misty fog… Until my next blog!

– M