Two Stars And A Wish! â­ď¸â­ď¸đŸŒ 

Sorry I’m a bit late!

Two stars:

Stars are things I’ve done well or enjoyed etc, and a wish is something I want to achieve by next week.

⭐️ 1. My cousin messaged me and said she’d like to hang out, just the two of us! Made me so happy! 😊😁

⭐️ 2. I’ve not self harmed still. I had some difficult things happen, when if they’d happened last year, I would’ve self harmed instantly! I didn’t even think about it!!

Last week’s wish was: “🌠To be as positive as possible and continue working on my scripts.”

Have I achieved this? Mostly. I have managed to continue working on my scripts, and have tried to keep as positive as possible! Did well when spreading positive and reassuring others in their time of need, but not so much with myself! But could be worse!

I guess my long term wish is still:🌠 To find a job.

This week’s wish is: “🌠To continue working on my scripts and try to remain as calm and as positive as possible.”

What are your two stars and a wish? Let me know in the comments below!



Contemplating, confused and mixed thoughts (personal post!)

My sister told me last night she’s found our dad’s side of the family on Facebook. -long story short haven’t exactly seen or spoken to my dad in 5 years, he pretty much walked out on us when I was 4 and my sister was 6, but saw him now and then.

He only gives me pocket money that’s our only contact, and he’s stopping that in July and basically told me he’s cutting me off.

We found out in 2010 he’d been lying to us and had been seeing a woman behind our backs. My sister found his partner on FB and 8 years later they’re not married and don’t have kids! Not to be rude, she’s quite large and has many mental problems, more “severe”/different to depression. She can’t have kids either.

I thought cutting me off was hurtful, he’d obviously got a new family with new kids replacing us. But he hasn’t?!

I’m so confused! Should I be more hurt that he now had NO reason to leave us? Should I be pleased?

He CHOSE to walk out on us. For the last 5 years he’s CHOSEN to be with a larger woman who can’t have kids than me, my sister and my mum?

Not expecting advice as I can’t explain the full situation. But just needed to vent.

Yesterday was the worst day in a long while and today I had an email about a contact to help me get a job, and now this?!

I’m so confused. Such mixed feelings…

Two stars and a wish! â­ď¸â­ď¸đŸŒ 

Two stars:

Stars are things I’ve done well or enjoyed etc, and a wish is something I want to achieve by next week.

⭐️ 1. I’m thinking about a course, and still looking for jobs etc– Not sure if I can do it, if it’s suitable etc.

⭐️ 2. I’m trying to continue to be motivated and positive etc- I still am clean from self harm, so I’m proud of that too.

Last week’s wish was: “🌠 To remain calm and sort out a realistic solution to my phone and birthday issues, and finish things with my father.

And to continue looking for jobs – get my sister to help me finish my CV and give it to companies and employers etc. And keep asking people for help, and apply for work experience somewhere!(and ideally find one that suits me etc!)

Have I achieved this? Not with my father or birthday things, but have continued to edit my CV, and found a course! Not sure if it’s suitable, etc, but still an option!

I guess my long term wish is still: 🌠 To find a job.

This week’s wish is: 🌠 To apply for the course, or find other work experience

What are your two stars and a wish? Let me know in the comments!

– MW❤️



Whatever you thought about when reading that, you can do it. Whatever it may be, IT IS POSSIBLE. There WILL be a way. You’ve just got to work hard, and take every opportunity. And “if opportunity doesn’t come, build a door.”

I won’t lie, it’ll be tough. There will be days when you feel like giving up. But DON’T. You can overcome this obstacle, whatever it is.

I’m feeling better in myself, but I have no plans for my future. Any plans I have seem unrealistic. The only thing that makes me happy is watching all these celebrities etc. I’d only like to work for them, which is so close to impossible. If not that, then I don’t have any other ideas. I don’t have a passion. But I’m trying to stay strong, and as Alfie Deyes says: “Do more of what makes you happy.” Maybe if I continue doing things that make me happy, I’ll find my passion.

So, let’s fight our way through this misty fog… Until my next blog!

– M


Please read this; and feel free to share with others or belong etc. I’m hoping this will help someone as it’s helped me!

Short version, watch this video and be motivated and inspired!

Channel: PointlessBlogVlogs. Video title: “APPLYING FOR A JOB AT THE NEW COMPANY!” (Upload on 10th January 2018)

Link: (Skip to 19:57 if you want to just hear the advice/motivation) :

Some people, (mainly the UK/England) will have heard of Alfie Deyes/PointlesBlog. He is a British YouTuber/daily vlogger. He uploaded a video on his channel: PointlessBlogVlogs the other day called: “APPLYING FOR A JOB AT THE NEW COMPANY!” (Upload on 10th January 2018) He said his friend or someone had been asked to give this women their best advice in three words, and he said: “You’re gonna die.” I felt shocked at that and thought it was ridiculous. I guess maybe then it sunk in and made me realise, I can’t control what happens. If I’m going to die tonight, then I’ll die. If someone breaks in and kills me, they kill me. Stop worrying about it. If it’s my last hour of my life, should I spend it worrying? Or actually enjoying myself and doing whatever I want? Neither scenario will affect the outcome; I’m still going to die. Whether that’s at 90 in a care home of old age, or younger in a worse scenario, we have to live our lives doing the things we want before it’s too late.

I know it’s hard to understand, but I haven’t had (much) anxiety since this video came out and I’m feeling much better and motivated, and less anxious. Hope it helps. ❤️💜

Here’s the link. Skip to 19:57 if you want to just hear the advice/motivation:

Mental Health Awareness

Just wanted to raise awareness for mental health;


Mentat health is invisible; you can’t just brush it aside and tell people to “get over it” or to stop “faking it”.

You wouldn’t say that to someone with cancer or a physical illness, would you?

Comment your thoughts and feelings below!

So, let’s fight our way through this misty fog… Until my next blog!

– M