Two Stars And A Wish! â­ď¸â­ď¸đŸŒ 

Sorry I’m a bit late!

Two stars:

Stars are things I’ve done well or enjoyed etc, and a wish is something I want to achieve by next week.

⭐️ 1. My cousin messaged me and said she’d like to hang out, just the two of us! Made me so happy! 😊😁

⭐️ 2. I’ve not self harmed still. I had some difficult things happen, when if they’d happened last year, I would’ve self harmed instantly! I didn’t even think about it!!

Last week’s wish was: “🌠To be as positive as possible and continue working on my scripts.”

Have I achieved this? Mostly. I have managed to continue working on my scripts, and have tried to keep as positive as possible! Did well when spreading positive and reassuring others in their time of need, but not so much with myself! But could be worse!

I guess my long term wish is still:🌠 To find a job.

This week’s wish is: “🌠To continue working on my scripts and try to remain as calm and as positive as possible.”

What are your two stars and a wish? Let me know in the comments below!


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