Quote 💭

Today’s quote is from the song “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift.

“Still got scars on my back from your knives”


Comment your thoughts and feelings below! 💗

So, let’s fight our way through this misty fog… Until my next blog!



10 thoughts on “Quote 💭”

  1. Seems I am a pretty tough, patient – and let’s say it like it is – dumb guy!
    You kept stabbing me into my poor back times and times again. And what did I do? Opened my heart, along with my battle-scarred back to you yet again. Silly me. Poor me. But love… It is what it is… until it isn’t :-0 Hurts though, no kidding!
    Nice prompt for a new haiku, thanks!

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  2. folks are getting more timid by the day, I guess.
    Or you can ascribe such inactivity to summer vacations :-0
    Keep posting anyway 🙂
    Just make sure not to go over 15 tags in your posts (or else your posts are not displayed on Reader. Reader is king) and also be sure to use single-word tags. Don’t be shy to use bug words such as “motivation”, “positive”, “love”, what have you either!

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      1. Thank you for the read and your kind words, Grace!
        I fully appreciate it 🙂

        Just before I forget while we are on the topic of post optimization. It would be great and easier for readers to find what your posts if you put something along the lines of “Quote [date]. Penny for your thoughts” instead of just “Quote”. That plus not being afraid to use “buzz” and “big” words for your tags.
        Just an idea 🙂
        I believe that quite a few folks would gladly comment on the quotes of your choice

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