Work/school 📑

So, today’s discussion is:

“What is your dream job?”

Well, I’ve never been certain; I still aren’t certain! But to cut this short: A scriptwriter.

I’d love to be an actress but I have such an awkward habit of just laughing and smiling. I could never be serious. :/ Plus, my anxiety holds me back. 😦

Long version:

So, growing up, I was the only person I knew who had NO idea what they wanted to be. Everyone told me that was okay and no one knew for certain, but it didn’t feel like that! I mean everyone I knew least had some idea of what career they wanted to go into; drama, music, science, they at least knew what kind of career, even if they didn’t know exactly.

But me? I had no idea AT ALL!

I should be at a college or in a job until I’m 18. But I couldn’t cope with college due to personal issues. But I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing; although that might be how it seems to others, it’s not true.

I made these stories up in my head for years. However, yes they were weird, but I thought they were pretty good. So, I started writing them down last year. I did try to write them down in the past, but I couldn’t maintain it.

So, this time, I really got a focus; I had a format – I’m writing them as a tv series. So I’m writing 30 minute episodes.

And, nearly a year later, I’ve completed a whole series and am now on to a second series!!

Yes I know it will never happen. But I can only hope, right?

The show is about real people I know (plus a few celebrities 😉), although it’s a fictional story for sure! And I’m the main character, obviously! 😀

It’s a drama, leaning towards horror, but not quite horror as it’s not gory or anything like that.

Anyway, sorry for rambling!

What’s your dream job? Let me know in the comments below!

So, let’s fight our way through this misty fog… Until my next blog!

– M


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