4 thoughts on “Quote of the day! ♥️”

  1. To accomplish something in defiance of someone’s disbelief in your abilities… You come up trumps and victories. That and you show those party-poopers how it’s done:)
    It’s a wonderful quote. Everyone can find a little bit about himself, along with new insights for himself.

    Followed your blog. Looking forward to your new posts.
    PS if you don’t mind my asking, why Music Girl? Do you play any instruments? Or are you just crazy about all things music?

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    1. That’s so true!
      Thank you! I’m following you too. 🙂
      I’m not sure, really. But I suppose I love listening to music and my family are quite musical! So I play mainly piano now, although have tried a few other instruments in the past. Do you play any instruments?

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      1. Well, if you consider being able to do some beatbox (music done solely with mouth), while not being able to make any sense of musical notes playing an instrument, then I’m the one who plays an instrument, if unusual for some haha.
        Surely, it was years ago, as I am older now, it’s not quite becoming for articulate sounds on the streets as I used to.
        Unlike what used to do, playing piano requires lots of discipline and skill.
        It’s fascinating what people can do with their intellect and hands, isn’t it?
        Anyway, thanks for the prompt reply, now I understand the reasoning behind the name.
        I’ll be checking on your blog regularly 🙂
        You write pieces worth reading

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