Anxiety Part 2

Ironically, after posting about my anxiety yesterday, guess what happens? I have a panic attack.

Last night. It was so scary. It was the worst attack I’ve EVER had! I don’t know why! But I woke up and was awake all night. Every noise sounded like someone breaking in, footsteps. I was CONVINCED there was someone out there. So, for the first time ever, I told my Mum. 

We were up all night. We heard one noise and that set us both alert. It was the strangest noise.

– I found out this morning it was my grandparents who sleep above my bedroom. There was like a bouncy ball which had fallen downstairs and knocked against the stair door!

It didn’t sound like that. But no wonder it made me jump more than usual!

God it was the worst night ever. Trembling, shaking, chest pain, my breathing was funny. My mouth went dry. So I had to drink. Then I needed the loo! But, I was too scared to go to the loo in case someone was out there! 😦

It sounds pathetic. The next morning, I feel awful. And TOO MUCH INFORMATION WARNING: My girly time of the month arrived this morning.

I don’t see why it would affect it. But eh. Who knows? Now, I kept my mum awake all night and she has to go to work on no sleep. And I’m knackered too. And cuz of the girly thing I just wanna cry the whole time.


Hope none of you suffer from this. Best wishes to you all.

So, let’s fight our way through this misty fog… Until my next blog!

– M


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