My inspiration Zoe Sugg blogged about this topic. I really want to do the same.

I’m new to this, but please feel free to comment your story below. Maybe I’m not the only one going through this. I promise not to judge you whatever you say. I’m not great at advice, but I’m here to listen and be a friend. ❤️

My anxiety started in 2013. I used to get panic attacks every single night. I thank God that they eventually went away; I can’t remember when or why.

But, recently, they’ve come back; well, I wouldn’t call them panic attacks. I used to get bad ones where I’d be shaking/trembling, I’d get chest pain and I’d feel just petrified. 

Now, it doesn’t, thankfully, quite turn into a panic attack. But that fear is there. It’s (almost) always at night. I hear sounds outside which scare me- I live in the countryside, so yes: It may be a branch or leaves rustling or animals, but late at night when my anxiety kicks in, it tell me different.

I really hope none of you suffer with this. But I’ve still been anxious as a person, despite not getting a full proper panic attack. I would just say I’m more anxious than others, when people are scared for tests/exams, I’m even more scared than the “normal” amount.

I hope together we can fight our anxiety. Please feel free to share. You won’t be judged. I wake up the next morning telling myself it’s so stupid to be scared over nothing. But every night it happens again. 😦

Thanks for reading. I’m also trying to post once a day. 

So, let’s fight our way through this misty fog… Until my next blog!

– M

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